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Kääpäsuo - Pudasjärvi

Pudasjärvi vaakuna.png

Northern Ostrobothnia


50-60 WTGs

Under Development

Pudasjärvi aluetta.png

Contact Person

Hannu Haavisto

+358 40 502 8853

Hannu (2).png

Local Partner

Timo Vähäkuopus

Winda Energy is planning a wind farm in Kääpäsuo, Pudasjärvi. The preliminary project area is about 4 800 hectares in size and is located in the western part of Pudasjärvi, about 14 km west of the center of Pudasjärvi. About 50-60 wind turbines are tentatively planned for the area. The number and location of turbines will be specified through discussions with landowners and the master planning process. In addition, an environmental impact assessment (EIA) procedure will be carried out for the area.


The project schedule will be updated as the project development progresses.

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