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About Us

The cornerstones of Winda Energy's operations are active local dialogue and expert development and design work. In its project development, Winda Energy utilizes an extensive network of local partners to take into account the local opportunities and challenges in the project areas. Winda Energy develops projects of all sizes, from a few wind turbines to the flagship projects of many dozen power plants - the most important value being the consideration of local specificities in professional design work.

In the future, Winda's vision is to grow into one of the leading renewable energy project developers in Finland. Winda is committed to long-term local cooperation in its project areas and wants to be supporting sustainable economic growth throughout Finland. Winda Energy's knowledgeable staff has the ability to apply the latest technologies and solutions in the energy sector to clean energy project development work.

Winda Energy's majority shareholder is private equity firm Green Horizon Renewables a.s. ("GHR"). Minority shareholders include Finnish retail investors.

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