Ukonkangas - Puolanka

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24-35 WTGs

EIA and Master planning underway

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Contact Person

Tuomas Hooli

Tuomas Hooli

Contact Person

Tuomo Tamminen

Tuomo Tamminen

Winda Energy is planning a wind farm in Ukonkangas, Puolanka. The preliminary project area is about 3 100 hectares in size and is located in the southwestern part of Puolanka, about 2 km east of Puokio. About 24-35 wind turbines are tentatively planned for the area. The number and location of turbines will be specified through discussions with landowners and the master planning process. In addition, an environmental impact assessment (EIA) procedure will be carried out for the area.

Information about the project's EIA:

Ukonkangas wind power project (ympäristö.fi)


06/2022 - Public event on the EIA program 13.6. 5:30 pm 

The public event was held as a hybrid event in the council hall of the Puolanka municipality agency.

11/2021 - The municipality of Puolanka has approved the master planning initiative for the Ukonkangas project



EIA and Master planning underway


Spring 2023

- Finalizing master planning proposal

Winter 2023-24

- Approved master plan


Spring 2024

- Building permits

Summer 2024

- Starting construction work



- Construction work